mAnasa-taraMgiNI !

by Sarvesh K Tiwari


मानस तरंगिणी ! मानस तरंगिणी !!


वितण्ड-पाश खण्डिनी !
पाषण्ड-तिमिर भण्डिनी !!
सुधी-मति मञ्जनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


स्वधर्म-देश दर्पिणी !
दुष्ट-दम्भ दंशिनी !!
दुन्दुभि अभिहन्तिनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


इति-गति निरूपिणी !
आगत प्रब्रूतिनी !!
नवचेतन-सूतिनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


अनुश्रुति-चिर पोषिनी !
अभिनव-अपि तोषिनी !!
स्वस्ति-मार्ग घोषिनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


गुह्यतम् प्रवल्हिनी !
सान्ध्य-वाच गुञ्जिनी !!
अचिन्त्य शब्द-कोषिनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


नाना प्रसङ्गिनी !
बहुधा मति-रञ्जिनी !!
कुतूहल-आसञ्जिनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


अकस्मात् लोपिनी ?
किम्-निमित्त रोषिनी ??
भवतु सदा संगिनी मानस तरंगिणी !!!


mAnasa-taraMgiNI! mAnasa-taraMgiNI!!


vitaNDa-pAsha-khaNDinI !
pAShaNDa-bhrama-bhaNDinI !!
sudhI-mati-ma~njanI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


svadharma-desha-darpiNI !
duShTa-dambha-daMshinI !!
dundubhi-abhihantinI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


iti-gati-nirUpiNI !
Agata-prabrUtinI !!
navachetana-sUtinI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


anuShR^uti-chira-poShinI !
abhinava-api-toShinI !!
svasti-mArga-ghoShinI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


guhyatam-pravalhinI !
sAndhya-vAcha-gu~njinI !!
achintya-shabda-koShinI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


nAnA-prasa~NginI !
bahudhA-mati-ra~njinI !!
kutUhala-Asa~njinI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


akasmAt-lopinI ?
kim-nimitta roShinI ??
bhavatu sadA saMginI mAnasa-taraMgiNI !!!


mAnasa-taraMgiNI is back. Revel! Rejoice!!

18 Comments to “mAnasa-taraMgiNI !”

  1. One request: Along with the transliteration in English, please also post the original text. I realize its a bit more work, but its sad that we have to read our own language in a foreign language transliterated form. At least we can use native script for native language.

  2. Pls do so and post in comment.

  3. Done. Please make corrections if found necessary.
    मानस तरंगिणी मानस तरंगिणी

    वितण्ड पाश खण्डिनी
    पाषण्ड तिमिर भण्डिनी
    सुधी मति मञ्जनी मानस तरंगिणी

    स्वधर्म देश दर्पिणी
    दुष्ट दम्भ दंशिनी
    दुन्दुभि अभिहन्तिनी मानस तरंगिणी

    इति गति निरूपिणी
    आगत प्रब्रूतिनी
    नवचेतन सूतिनी मानस तरंगिणी

    अनुश्रुति चिर पोषिनी
    अभिनव अपि तोषिनी
    स्वस्ति मार्ग घोषिनी मानस तरंगिणी

    गुह्यतम् प्रवल्हिनी
    सान्ध्य वाच गुञ्जिनी
    अचिन्त्य शब्द कोषिनी मानस तरंगिणी

    नाना प्रसङ्गिनी
    बहुधा मति रञ्जिनी
    कुतूहल आसञ्जिनी मानस तरंगिणी

    अकस्मात् लोपिनी
    किम् निमित्त रोषिनी
    भवतु सदा संगिनी मानस तरंगिणी

  4. thanks. which tool do you use?

  5. itranslator2003 + manual verification. Is that something you use too, or some other tool/no tool perhaps?

  6. On computer that I mostly work from I have linux, and have yet to find a devanAgarI/Indic tool that works on it. On another computer which is on Windows, I use MS’ native IME (BharatBhasha) which works fine.

  7. Wonderful, indeed! I am also very glad it is back; though I was not moved to poetry like you, and in any case would not have your brilliant skill. 🙂

    [BTW, to convert from the transliteration to Devanagari, you can use online tools like this, this, or this. On Linux you can get input with iBus.]

  8. anon, thanks. especially for the iBus link. will try

  9. I missed Manasataramgini too. I am as happy as you are! Thanks for the lyrical description! Without Bharatendu and Manasataramgini, my reading life would be duller and poorer.

  10. Oh Yes ! It feels so good to see manasataramgini back up. I really felt bad on not being able to access it for all this time.

  11. वाह! कितना गेय है यह!

  12. Hey, I have subscribed to ManasaTaramgini, Amazing stuff on Itihasa and other vedangas. Are you the author of Manasataramgini Shri.Bharatendu ? Or is it a collection by several people?


  13. mAnasataraMgiNI is by a great vidvAna, not me

  14. @ Sarvesh K Tiwari: Sir, is it you who author the posts at ?
    Or do you know who does it ?

  15. Oh I read your clarification to the same question. Please delete mine.

  16. It’s fine, thanks for the comment

  17. @ Sarvesh: Sir, I am a 28 year old guy. I have deep interest in yoga and dharmic literature.
    I have gone through the Bhagwad Geeta, Yoga Vasiahtha(in last phases), many works of Sri Aurobindo(currently: Savitri), Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand, many Bauddha works etc. with whatever little wit I possess.

    I also meditate on a regular basis. I am versed in Hindi and English and have a very elementary knowledge of Sanskrit(just what we are taught till High School as part of CBSE syllabus).

    What sources would you suggest, for developing my knowledge of Sanskrit, further knowledge of the Dharma and learn more about Sadhana ?

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