amputation of the malignant-infected

by Sarvesh K Tiwari

Is it not the sAmAnyavidhi to amputate the limb irrecoverably infected by the malignant, for the survival of what can remain?

It is a sorry sight to see the emotional pseudo-hindutvavAdins bleat about the inevitable past, when these mUDha-s neither dare nor care to recognise the hardy virus that had not only caused the jeopardy of the vitals leading to the amputation, but which is rapidly choking unresisted the prANa-vAhikA-s of what remains even now!  Who has to tell the mati-bhraShTa-s to stop living in the fools’ divAsvapna and vaccinate the uninfected, belatedly at least now?  But the senile morons have managed to suppress even the antibodies that the patient had naturally grown to destroy the desert-swine virus!

As tulasIdAsa says, when kAla decides to kill someone, it never has to employ a daNDa, but just steal his mati!  iti alam!

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