“हिन्दू मुस्लिम समस्या का हल” – धर्मवीर, सितम्बर 1933 सुधा

by Sarvesh K Tiwari

Cleaning the attic of our ancestral place last dIpAvalI, we came upon a chest of very interesting old magazines.

Posting below the scanned pages of an article that appeared in September 1933 issue of Sudha magazine.  It is written by Shri Dharmaveer, the renowned journalist and Editor of Akashvani, about the so called Hindu-Moslem communal problem. 

Alas, these voices are lost in the secular cacophony; they were not heard then (see editorial byline at the bottom), and are not heard even now.

5 Comments to ““हिन्दू मुस्लिम समस्या का हल” – धर्मवीर, सितम्बर 1933 सुधा”

  1. its unfortunate that I do have a lot of difficulty in reading hindi (even though its my mother tongue and alsot studied it as a subject till class 12) but thats just the way it is in India at the moment, hindi and even other Indian languages have been slaughtered by nehruists and the moment you say what I just said or even “hindi is losing prominence” ur a fundemendalist

  2. Translation for Page 1 begins:

    Why don’t we ever see unity between Hindus and Muslims? This is a question that worries many Hindu well-wishers of the country.One of the solutions proposed to this issue comes from the school of thought that says, community and religion should be removed totally so that there is no difference between Hindus and Muslims and hence both will unite. I think that this will surely have an effect on Hindus because they are already inclined towards this kind of thinking. However, Muslims won’t be affected by this because, they are turning religious (fanatical) day by day. The effect of this will be that Hindus will become weaker and Muslims will try to take as much advantage as they can from this situation (like they are doing even now along with the Christians).

    Similarly, there is another school of thought. The solution proposed by this school for Hindu-Muslim unity is not only unique and absurd but also terrifying. This school asks the question, “In this country how many Muslim girls have been married into Hindu families and how many Hindu girls have been married into Muslim famillies? So these good people are implying that if Hindus and Muslims start marrying into each others families and if they start building relationships this problem will be solved. I think that instead of solving the problem at hand such a step will give rise to newer problems. It is obvious that Muslims will not only dislike such a campaign but will also look at it with contempt. If any Hindu takes such a step and marries their daughter into a Muslim family then the girl will no longer remain a Hindu and will turn into a Muslim – a very fanatical Muslim. Because we have seen a lot of examples where a peron was innocent when they were a Hindu but as soon as they turned in to a Muslim their entire personality changed such that on one would even doubt that their ancestors were Hindus. So if this campaign gains momentum among the Hindus then it will mean that Hindus are themselves helping Muslims in propagating their religion.

    Translation for Page 1 ends

    P.S: I have learned Hindi as a third language (after english and marathi) so the translation might not be perfect, but I think around 98% of the translation is quite good. I might translate the other three pages if time permits.

  3. Vishnu ji, thank you. Good Translation.

  4. Attempting translation of concluding para: “In such a situation the question arises what after all is the solution to this crisis. We consider the solution to be the same today as the one given by Lokmanya Tilak many years back. The nation’s nationalist Hindus, Sikhs and Christians, keeping national interest foremost, should invite Muslims to join them without conditions or compromises of any sort. If Muslims agree to work with them then very well, and if not then these must continue to carry forward their work (for the nation) without caring for what any others have to say about it. In this alone lies the nation’s welfare and the welfare of each one of us.”

  5. Loved the post. Pleasing to read views of our previous generation intellectuals. Not yet clear what the author proposed as a solution though. He is vaugue at best. In the last para he said, “Apne saath shamil hone ka nimantran de” – What does that mean? Was he trying to say, invite to convert to Indic faiths – Hinduism, Sikhism or Jainism??? He must be likely concerned then (like real Hindu thinkers today) about the looming threat to life for merely suggesting a real meaningful solution. Hence he must have chose to wrap proposed solution in web of words? Either way, good read. Obviously not every Muslim is a bad person but given the teaching of hatred by Quran for the ‘non-believer’s, Islam (which is political ideology, not a religious one) is cancer for the civilized world. Sooner it’s acknoledged and cured, it would better for world and humanity.

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